About Us


UCHM’s is practical expression of the Church’s commitment to addressing social need. Our programs seek to fight poverty, provide improved access to education, combat food insecurity, and overcome exclusion and marginalisation in our local communities.  We seek to promote social inclusion, respect, reconciliation, justice, acceptance, social inclusion and empowerment through outreach and participatory community development.


UCHM recognises the importance of early intervention through education and community support in order to give young people and their families the best chance at breaking free of the poverty cycle, and living full lives free of exclusion, marginalisation and disadvantage.

All UCHM programs and service are informed by a clearly defined Intervention Framework:

Social Inclusion

Enabling disadvantaged and marginalised individuals to connect meaningfully with their communities


Giving agency and decision-making autonomy to the individuals and communities we support

Sustainable Community Development

Participating in the building of cohesive communities at local level

Justice through Advocacy

Supporting social justice through advocacy with the intention of ending inequality and marginalisation


Celebrating diversity and the contributions of others


Recognising the value of individuals through providing equal access to education, food security, community support and opportunity for growth and development


Cooperating with individuals using our services and agencies, service providers, community leaders that use or support our work

UHCM continues to adapt its programs and services to the needs of the communities with which we work. More details of each of our programs can be found via the Programs menu


Prior to the formation of the Uniting Church, UnitingCare Hotham Mission existed as the North Melbourne Methodist Mission under the umbrella of the Methodist Church. On June 22, 1977, the Methodist Church of Australasia, the Presbyterian Church of Australia and the Congregational Union of Australia amalgamated under the Basis of Union and became the Uniting Church in Australia. In time the UnitingCare was formed as the social justice arm of the Uniting Church, and Hotham Mission was incorporated into the UnitingCare network.

The UnitingCare network in Australia has around 250 community services agencies across more than 1,600 service delivery sites, employing 39,000 staff and is supported by the work of over 28,000 volunteers.


UCHM relies heavily on volunteers to deliver its programs effectively in the community. If you are interested in volunteering or contributing to any of our programs, please enquire/register here.


UCHM works in partnership with a number of agencies, congregations, schools and community service to deliver its programs. These partnerships include local primary and secondary schools, Kensington Neighbourhood House, the YMCA in Kensington and North Melbourne, Foodbank Victoria and Secondbite, The Venny in Kensington, Victoria Police, and Southport UnitingCare. If you are looking to partner with UnitingCare Hotham Mission, enquire here.


UCHM is principally funded by the Congregation of Mark the Evangelist, supported by further fund-raising from its partner congregations, bequests, philanthropic trusts and the Uniting Church’s SHARE Appeal. UCHM does not receive government funding for its programs.


UnitingCare Hotham Mission is governed by a Board consisting of members from Mark the Evangelist, St Albans, St Marys and Christ Church Kensington congregations as well as other community members.