Educational Support



UnitingCare Hotham Mission provides a range of programs supporting and encouraging young people to continue their education.


Homework Club

UCHM runs the Hotham Homework Club, a free homework program in North Melbourne every Monday afternoon during the school term for upper primary school children.

Hotham Homework Club aims to provide a safe, inclusive and interactive space where volunteer tutors assist children in grades 5-6 to complete their homework and improve their literacy and numeracy skills. The program is in line with UnitingCare Hotham Mission’s vision of providing educational support and promoting social inclusion.

If you are interested in becoming a volunteer tutor, please complete the registration form, or contact the Programs Manager on 9326 8245 or via email.

Please note all volunteers must have a current Working with Children’s Check and be proficient in written and spoken English.


Renshaw Education Support SchemeIMAG0025

UCHM ’s Renshaw Education Support Scheme offers disadvantaged young people material support to complete their secondary education or undertake vocational training and pre-employment pathways during the school year.

The Renshaw Education Support Program can assist in the purchase of the following items:

  • Purchase of school books, e-book bundles and texts,
  • Purchase of stationary items and equipment,
  • Summer school uniform (no blazers),
  • Purchase of a yearly or half yearly Victorian Student Pass assisting transport to and from school,
  • Partial costs of computer/internet and calculators,
  • Any items on the student booklist, with purchase of second hand books to be explored first.

This program is referral based only. For further information, please contact the Programs Manager, Beth Stewart-Wright, at UCHM by email or call 9326 8245photo 4 (DANI)


Mess Club

Mess Club is an early intervention program for students at risk of disengaging from their educational and social lives during the transition from Primary to Secondary School.

Mess Club is remodelled on the existing Homework Clubs UCHM previously managed from Kensington Primary School and the Kensington public housing estate. The program focusses on empowerment-based learning and development for young people from grades 6 through to 8 who may experience difficulty adjusting to the transition into high school and the formal education process. Young people from disadvantaged and CALD backgrounds where language may be a barrier to learning are encouraged to apply.

Participants select a space and a project from several stations, or Mess Spaces, to develop over the course of the term. Through choosing a project, participants develop a sense of connection with the work, explore interests, and expand their skills and knowledge.

Mess Club provides a safe environment where young people can create, play, study and relax. It offers encouragement, structure and support for different learning styles enabling participants to connect pphoto 3 (14)ositively with school, community, peers and adults.

As Mess Club is a specialised program, student places are limited to 12 each week. This is to ensure program efficacy, and appropriate allocation of staff and space. For more information, or for a referral from, please contact UCHM Programs Manager, Beth Stewart-Wright by email or call 9326 8245