UCHM Update – Homework Clubs Update

This week has seen another term of Hotham Homework Clubs draw to a close, as students from primary schools in both Kensington and North Melbourne joined with tutors to celebrate a term of hard work.

In addition to the North Melbourne Community Centre and Kensington Primary School, this year has seen the establishment of a third homework club at the Kensington estate. Over the two terms that the pilot program has running there has been tremendous interest in participation by both students and tutors alike.

The expansion of the program has enabled us to provide students in these areas with a safe learning environment where they are supported by tutors to develop literacy, numeracy, creative and social skills.

The Homework Club program co-ordinators would like to express their appreciation for the commitment and enthusiasm displayed by the volunteers whom every week provide assistance to students in the development of their academic and social wellbeing.


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