Who We Are

Serving the community since 1927, Hotham Mission’s key area of focus are programs supporting and encouraging local people to engage/continue with their education.

Social Inclusion

Assisting individuals and families to connect meaningfully with their local communities, whilst celebrating the diversity and contributions of all.


Providing choice, dignity and autonomy to the individuals and communities we support.

Justice through Advocacy

Supporting social justice through advocacy to help alleviate inequality.


Providing fair, transparent and equal access to education, food security and community development.


Hotham Mission works in close partnership with a number of education providers, organisations and community groups to help assist the local community. 

Community Development

Fostering the self-empowerment of individuals and the community to help them overcome barriers and live more cohesively.


Hotham Mission’s programs seek to alleviate disadvantage, provide improved access to education and address food insecurity in our local communities. We seek to promote social inclusion, respect, reconciliation, justice, acceptance and empowerment.


Prior to the formation of the Uniting Church, Hotham Mission existed as the North Melbourne Methodist Mission under the umbrella of the Methodist Church. On June 22, 1977, the Methodist Church of Australasia, the Presbyterian Church of Australia and the Congregational Union of Australia amalgamated under the Basis of Union and became the Uniting Church in Australia. 


One of Hotham Mission’s key goals is the promotion of community partnerships. We continue to seek, develop and expand upon existing and potential partnerships with local community agencies, service providers and other agencies.

These collaborations include local schools and other service providers.

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Hotham Mission is principally funded by the Uniting Church Congregation of Mark the Evangelist, with additional support from donations and grants. Hotham Mission does not receive ongoing government funding for its programs.
Hotham Mission is governed by a Board, with membership drawn from local supporting churches and community members.

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