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Each week, Hotham Mission provides about 100 food packs to those who are food insecure through its Food for Thought program. But last year in face of COVID-19, we expanded that to 150 bags a week.

Will you help us to be ready to do so again, should the need arise?

In addition, Hotham Mission provides:

  • about 1000 hours of study support to disadvantaged primary school children;
  • electronic devices and educational materials to dozens of disadvantaged secondary students;
  • a small number of awards to help young refugees/asylum seekers move into post-secondary education;
  • programs to help teenagers in public housing adjust to society; and
  • about 4700 bed-nights a year for refugees/asylum seekers living lawfully in the community.

Your donation can help us do more.

The recent lockdown impacts all of us, but has an even greater impact on the people we support.

We thought you might be interested in an update on how donations directly assist our programs: The Food for Thought Program has continued and is providing over 100 food bags each week this year, and is also assisting by developing life skills to those experiencing food insecurity. Our Asylum Seeker Support has provided accommodation and other practical support to a small number of people living lawfully in the community – approximately 4,700 bed nights annually. The Homework Club study support program, focused on Primary School children, has provided approximately 1,000 hours of supervised study support annually, including virtually during lockdowns. The Renshaw Program has assisted dozens of secondary students with electronic devices and other material aid support. In late 2020 we launched an initiative, the Education Award, that provides financial and mentoring support to a small number of students from an asylum seeker/refugee background commencing post-secondary education.

We are also very excited to announce our new WomEmpower program targeted at young women aged 16-23:

Over the past four months, we have been liaising with local councils, schools and community organisations to connect with young women in inner north Melbourne. We have organised many exciting activities including cake decorating, sporting sessions, a fashion and textiles workshop and pilates. Pilates has been the most popular and we look forward to providing pilates sessions again in the future. Over the next four weeks, we have a craft workshop, mask making, a self-defence class and our end of term party. Separately, in May we launched our new book club which has been a great success. The aim of WomEmpower is to increase the civic, social and economic participation of young women in the local community. This is achieved by providing a safe space for the young women to increase their social networks and exposure to inspiring and educational workshops based on the themes of safety, health, future planning and fun. We are excited to work towards these goals in semester two in collaboration with the young women in our network. Kymberlee Simpson – Program Facilitator

Hotham Mission thanks you for your support and interest in our work in the local community.