Asylum Seeker Support

Hotham Mission provides support to those in the community seeking asylum whilst their residency status is determined.  


People Seeking Asylum 



Providing Support, Including Accommodation


North Melbourne 

Direct Impact Annually

Asylum Seekers Receiving Accommodation

Days of Accommodation Provided


People seeking asylum often have no income, no rights to work, do not have access to Medicare, and receive limited access to government assistance, including affordable/stable housing. 

They are often suffering considerable mental health concerns as a result of torture and trauma – from the impacts of their past experiences and migration journey.

As a result, many people seeking asylum fall outside the homelessness support system in Australia and they have to rely on the support of non-government organizations and charities for assistance.

Hotham Mission Response:

Hotham Mission provides accommodation and other limited support to a small number of asylum seekers who are living lawfully in the community, while their visa status is assessed. This response is provided in conjunction with ongoing support from case managers in partner organisations.

Unfortunately, at this stage, the program is unable to accept new referrals as capacity has been reached.