Food for Thought

Hotham Mission works with schools, community service providers and agencies to deliver the Food for Thought program – an initiative that provides young people and families with access to fresh and non-perishable food.


Young people


Throughout the School Term


Outreach – By Referral Only

Direct Impact Annually

Food Packages Provided

Number of People Assisted

Direct Food Aid (kg)

Essential Food Supplies

Every Thursday during school term

Hotham Mission provides weekly food supplies, directly to schools/organisations, for distribution to young people experiencing food insecurity. Equivalent to a reusable supermarket bag worth (containing perishable and non-perishable food items).

Cooking Class

Fortnightly during the school term

Partnering with a local school, Hotham Mission runs a cooking class aimed at encouraging young people to better understand how to prepare and engage with healthy, low-cost, homemade meals.

Breakfast Club

Throughout the school term

Hotham Mission assists with the food provisions that enable a school to provide breakfast to all students, to make sure those engaging with education don’t go hungry. 

Lunchtime Vouchers

Throughout the school term

Hotham Mission provides a subsidised lunchtime food voucher program to students through their school canteen. This facilitates the purchase of healthy lunches for those students who would otherwise go hungry.