Lunchtime Food Voucher Program

The MACpack (at Mount Alexander College) lunchtime food voucher system experienced great success during its initial pilot phase.  Beth Stewart-Wright conducted a student survey of those who accessed the service.  The results of the survey revealed that of those students accessing the vouchers:

  • 71 % of students had accessed the service more than once,
  • 43% had accessed the service between 4-6 times,
  • 14 % had accessed the service between 7-10 times,
  • 21% had accessed the service more than 10 times,
  • 21% of students had accessed the breakfast service, including the Hotham Mission provisions,
  • 29% of students had siblings attending the high school,
  • 43% were recipients of the food service parcels,
  • 29% of children ran out of food regularly during the week,
  • 57% often come to school without recess or lunch,
  • 43% never come to school with lunch,
  • 38% were of the opinion that their families would benefit from additional food support within the family home.

Beth is now working closely with the school to link students experiencing such issues as family violence, homelessness, and alcohol and drug issues with service providers in the area for case management support.